New Year, New Me | Confidence



Welcome to my blog!

As 2016 drew to an end, I wanted to reflect on myself as a person. I wanted to discover what resolutions I could create and upkeep throughout 2017. In my head I wanted to achieve so many things I know were unobtainable, things which were downright crazy or things I knew I simply wouldn’t keep to. So, instead I thought ‘why don’t I just do me‘. This may be an odd concept for many, but 2016 I went through many highs and many lows but I came out stronger. So, instead I have decided to make 2017 my year!
Confidence is something a lot of people struggle with daily, I know I am definitely one of those people. However, I have learnt to push my own boundaries at a comfortable level. Rather than saying no to everything, I will tell myself to say yes. I will tell myself to go out there and push the outskirts of my comfort zone and expand it. So, in 2017 I would love to try new things, experience new things and enjoy those things in ways I probably wouldn’t of before.

But, what is confidence? It isn’t just being able to strut down the street in a mankini or 8″ knee high boots. It isn’t about the friends you make or what people say about you. It is self-worth. To me confidence is something only yourself can obtain. Of course, compliments can help that process along but confidence in both your mind and body both start in the most complex thing of the world – your brain. I adore the quote “what John says about Sally says more about John then it does Sally” and I totally agree with it too. People can be harsh, as a society there are people who tend to put others down in order to make themselves feel better. No I don’t agree that this should be happening, but unfortunately it does. It sucks.

How you take those comments is down to you. Life is one huge game, a test almost. It is the survival of the fittest. I recently had a comment made about my weight, a negative comment. I could quite easily take that to heart, however instead I looked at it that the person who said that about me saddens me. It saddens me that she felt the need to comment on another persons weight. I’m lucky, I am strong. I don’t need reassurance about my physical appearance because I’m okay with it. Of course there are things which I would change and I could change if I truly wanted to. But, instead of thinking badly about my body, I looked at it as though she is the one who is self-conscious. She felt the need to comment on my body because she isn’t happy with hers. I felt the need to want to help her, I want to understand why she felt the need to try and demoralise a fellow woman instead of uplifting me.

My blog isn’t necessarily going to be full of advice, but situations that I’ve dealt with so we all know we aren’t alone. I want to have my little section of the internet that IS going to try to uplift people. That IS going to try and help if I can. We are a society where mental health is on a rise and people are becoming more and more bitter and twisted towards the world and I don’t want to sit back and allow that to happen. It is mind over matter, a term widely used and widely ignored. If we learn how to control our own minds, we will be able to help others control theirs. This all starts with confidence.

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