Is makeup the key to a woman’s success?

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I recently watched a few videos online about how makeup could help or hinder a woman within different situations. These situations included: Interviewing for a job, making friends, creating romantic relationships and receiving a promotion at work. I was simply appalled. In fact, I was sat with my head in my hands wondering what our world has come to! However, my blog is somewhere for me to place my thoughts and discuss things relevant to me at the time.

I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘feminist’. I am in no way suggesting negative connotations towards feminism and the things feminists fight for. I simply just do not know enough about current feminism to place judgement. I class myself as an ‘equalist’, I truly believe in equality. My first aggravation towards this topic, is men wear makeup too. I believe that in our society nowadays we struggle to realise when an argument is simply becoming sexist. Every debate and article I’ve seen/heard around the topic of feminism and equal rights, it all becomes far too personal. Of course in any form or argument to strengthen your case personal experiences can be involved, however that is where the line should be drawn. It’s not. It never quite stops there. With the debate on makeup correlating to a woman’s success one prominent thing which stood out for me was when the fact ‘men wear makeup too’ was brought up, the counter-argument for that was ‘well not as much, I work in an office with equal ratios of men and women and no men wear makeup’. So what?! We are still fighting a battle of equality, towards both women AND men. My point here is, I want to try and discuss this topic without getting personal and reflecting the issues surrounding makeup within both sexes.

Firstly, I would like to address the issue that people can only make friends or relationships if they are wearing makeup, apparently. I, myself, am a makeup wearer. It saddens me that there are people in this world that will only associate themselves with people who wear makeup. Of course the argument is slightly more elaborate then ‘no, you cant be my friend unless you are wearing makeup’, however in simplistic terms that is simply ludicrous and overly judgemental. I personally love the artistry of makeup application and discovering new looks I can achieve, however I am more then confident to go out the house ‘bare faced’. We have fought long and hard as a society to allow people to be who they want, express what they want and form their own opinions about basically anything. So, why are we hindering all this now. If you meet someone for the first time, you could find an instant connection, the same humour and interests. So, why would you suggest that you can’t form any sort of relationship with that person unless they pile cosmetics onto their face? It just doesn’t make sense to me. There is a difference between presenting yourself nicely to wearing makeup and I feel like this is a blurred boundary. Showing blemishes on your natural skin does not equate to wearing a suit or a nice t-shirt and jean combination. In my opinion, just because someone decides that they would like to dress nicely but not wear makeup doesn’t make them look ‘sloppy’ as I have heard in a television interview. Another ridiculous claim made on public television was ‘I wont be friends with a non-makeup wearer because I can only be friends with good looking people’. Once again, how on earth is this acceptable? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Makeup shouldn’t be used as a mask or to completely change a face. It is there to enhance and to allow people to express themselves.

Secondly, I would like to address the absolutely preposterous claim that ‘people with makeup are more likely to secure a job and get a promotion’. What? Have we gone back in time that people have to sexualise themselves in order to achieve great things? We are not a society that works around the idea that pretty people are waited on hand and foot and get everything they want. Whether or not you want to spend money on makeup is not obligatory, it is subjective and unnecessary when discussing work ethics. It angers me. We are a society of strong, independent people who have to work hard to get to where they are. We aren’t handed things on a plate, if you want that mortgage you have to work to get the money for it. If you want that promotion you have to earn it. The cosmetics plastered on your face should neither help nor hinder your chance to getting your dream job if you have the will power and qualifications necessary.

I believe that we live in a very self-conscious world where we are judged on everything, however we are the judges. If we took a step back and realised that life is far too short to worry about whether or not our selfies are Instagram worthy or that our eyebrows are ‘on fleek’ then we could achieve even more amazing things. The one thing I would say to everyone today, is the time you’d be putting into applying your makeup or worrying what outfit to wear, spend the same amount of time researching into charities, volunteering, doing that extra piece of homework for school, work extra hard to reach them targets for that promotion you’d like. I’m sure you’d notice a huge difference. Our world is bigger then the community you are in. The world is a place of wonderment and war. See the bigger picture.


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