Lessons I’ve learnt in life

Welcome to my blog!

I wanted to write a blog post to discuss lessons I’ve learnt in life (you may of guessed by the title). I think it’s important to reflect on things you have actually learnt, so you don’t make similar mistakes in the future and just realise that no matter what situation you are in within your life now, there are things you can be grateful for.

#1: Life is about the journey, not just the destination. I think this is super important. Everyone has goals, whether they are public or secret, that they would love to achieve and work hard to achieve. However, we do tend to get caught up in what we would like to achieve and we forget to enjoy and live this journey called life. Sometimes it is hard to take a big cleansing breath and live for each and every moment, being present and just taking in our world. Allow yourself to enjoy each second of your life; to observe the world around you; to observe the people that are present in your life and the beauty that is present within you and all around you, enjoy life in general.

#2: It’s okay not to be okay. This is such an overused but understated phrased. I have always been a ‘closed book’ as such. I’ve always had a hard exterior which reflects on my interior. However, something which I would stand by is it IS okay not to be okay. I am firm believer that no matter what happens in life, it’s for a reason. But, you should allow yourself to have a moment to think about a situation and allow emotions to flow. Life is challenging and it is not all sunshine and flowers no matter how grand your life may be. Allow yourself to have that moment to delve into your emotions otherwise they will come back and bite you in the ass.

#3: Courage is not the absence of fear. Being courageous doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fearless. Courage means you are able to face any fears you may have. We all have a fear, that one thing which paralyzes us whenever it crosses our mind. Fear will be present whenever you want to stretch, whenever you want to get out of your comfort zone and whenever you want to do more, be more, have more. To have courage it is to simply look beyond it, and always be aware of the fact that most of the things we fear never happen, because fear is nothing more then false expectation appearing real.

#4: Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light. For me, this quote is much more then present in my life. It is something I try and live by. Similarly to not being okay all the time, allowing the darkness to overcome you and take over your life has an undesired effect. You do you, if there is something bad/negative happening within your own community, it is up to you to turn on that light.

#5: Fill your heart with love. I will never believe that if there is a love interest in your life, that if people don’t agree with it, you leave it alone. I truly believe that in every sense of the word ‘love’, you should embrace it. I have met someone I can truly call the love of my life, someone who fills me with admiration and adoration. The thought that although our relationship could of been challenged, we held our heads high and loved each other anyway is simply beautiful. Even in a friendship, love is key. As cringey as it sounds, allow your heart to ooze love for everyone. Whether it be a partner, friend, stranger or foe. Life is too short for hate.

Those are just 5 lessons I’ve learnt in my life so far, I’m sure there are many more to come. I may even carry this on another day.


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