Adventure Time

Welcome to my blog!

My partner and I decided today that we would like to go on an adventure to a beautiful place within the South of England called Mill Hill, which is on the vast landscape we know as the South Downs. I thought I’d share the photos we snapped on our route and it’s a great way to store memories.


On the walk towards Mill Hill there are many quant little roads, many hills (as the name would suggest) and a great view of the motorway, surrounded by many hills. It takes a while to walk, but some of typical countryside views are beyond gorgeous!


Here are just a few pictures we snapped whilst we visited Mill Hill. We were in search for a hidden tree house in one of the fields and these were just a few sites we saw on route.


This is a amateur panoramic shot whilst we were on the tree house. We have been told that this tree house (which is mainly scaffolding with a roof and some layers to it) was an ex-training scaffold for army training. It was pretty amazing and we just sat and looked out at the woodland and fields that surrounded us.


This was out only way up and down, a creaky, old, mossy set of ladders that went up three floors. I was only brave enough to climb up to the first floor. lol.

Here’s the last few snaps we caught. However, if you would like to see more of our adventure today we vlogged footage for our new joint YouTube channel. We created a little 5 minute video out of 4 hours worth of footage, so if you would like to check it out please do using this link -> Mill Hill Adventure

I enjoyed myself immensely today and can’t wait to enjoy and share many more adventures on my blog!


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