De-Stress Yourself

Welcome to my blog!

** WARNING: Weird rambly post coming your way** I haven’t posted on my blog for a while because simply… I didn’t want to. I adore writing little snippets about my life and ambitions and memories online because I know for years to come I will look back and remember all the big events in my life. However, recently my partner and I have struggled with stress affecting our lives.

I was stuck in a dead end job which I hated, that was unsocial hours and meant I was spending no time with my family, friends and loved ones. It killed me because I am a homey girl, I like working and meeting new people and being challenged with new skills. However, nothing can beat a warm snuggle in bed with your other half, binge watching your favourite Netflix programmes with a few snacks. We just haven’t been able to do that recently and my stress levels reflected that.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’m starting a new job Monday which excites me immensely, which also means I will have more free time in the evenings and weekends for the first time in my working life. I believe all the stress of finding a new job and not seeing my loved ones taught me to treasure my loved ones more and also treasure the moments I get to spend with them. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now purely because I’m no longer going to just ‘exist’, I am going to live.

If you feel like you are just existing, then please do something about that. I’ve not got a big family unit or a place I necessarily call ‘home’, but I knew that my life is where I belong. This may seem like a strange concept to many, however if you spend long enough existing you don’t feel like you truly belong somewhere it can cause anxiety and stress levels to peak. So, at this moment in time I’m looking forward to a long weekend prior to beginning my new adventure, in a new job, with new friends, new days and summer on it’s way.

If you’re just existing, evaluate your life. Is this because of a job? A partner? A friend? What is it exactly which is preventing you from truly living your life? Can you change it? I have always had a motto in life of ‘don’t stress about something if there is a solution to the problem’. That motto has definitely been lost over the past few months, but once again it is at the forefront of my mind, and it should be in yours too. Whether it be struggling to pay bills, in a dead end job or in a bad relationship, you only live once (cheesey I know). I guess all I’m trying to say is if you are struggling with any of those things, change it. Persevere to get what you want, which ultimately should be happiness and life.


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