De-Stress Yourself

Welcome to my blog! ** WARNING: Weird rambly post coming your way** I haven't posted on my blog for a while because simply... I didn't want to. I adore writing little snippets about my life and ambitions and memories online because I know for years to come I will look back and remember all the … Continue reading De-Stress Yourself


Adventure Time

Welcome to my blog! My partner and I decided today that we would like to go on an adventure to a beautiful place within the South of England called Mill Hill, which is on the vast landscape we know as the South Downs. I thought I'd share the photos we snapped on our route and … Continue reading Adventure Time

Job or Career?

Welcome to my blog! On my little slice of the internet I aim to talk about things which interest me or are current for each specific time in my life. So, in todays blog post I wanted to discuss work/career ideas and achievements. My biggest anxiety for the longest time (5 years to be exact) was the … Continue reading Job or Career?


Welcome to my blog! January was a month of terrible weather, beautiful sunsets, seeing my unborn niece/nephew at 12 weeks and catching up with friends.